Interactive Dashboards Advantages

A state of art dashboards and its interface helps you to get quick and complete over view of the network that is being managed. You can perceive live updates, trend over a period, performance comparison between selected periods etc. You can always drill down and get the further details/analysis on data. You have readily available comparisons and summaries on several metrics you ever need. Dashboards can be customized on the fly as per the requirement.

Easy Dashboard

What Is EventEdge?

Eventedge tool is custom built application for telecom companies to meet their FMC operational requirements and in order to handle the alarms that occur at the towers; manage the escalation process along with accurate fault analysis.

  • Alarm monitoring in single platform provides.
  • Auto Inbound and Outbound escalations.
  • Tracking and recording of calls.
  • Speed and Performance in terms of monitoring and escalations.
  • Snapshot of Network health with dashboards.
  • Reporting and Analysis.

Why EventEdge?

EventEdge may be the answer, if you are searching for any of these solutions.

  • Tired of managing multiple platforms for monitoring your networks?
  • Want to know the health of your network at a simple glance?
  • Searching of a solution for auto escalations / dispatch of trouble tickets?
  • Ease of doing job with minimal technical skills, Reports & Analysis – with one click of the button.

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